Meet Our Team

We’re Redefining Construction

Our process was built to address the traditional pain points of the construction industry. Complete transparency and a fully-collaborative operating experience are how we work with our clients to deliver their projects on time and within budget.

Domeo was created by individuals who have a passion for serving, not just earning. We act as a transparent, trustworthy partner whether we’re guiding a project from budgeting to completion, or executing a simple tenant finish-out.

What this service-oriented philosophy looks like in practice includes extremely regular project updates (photos of progress), taking responsibility for the rare delays that may happen, and going to great lengths to ensure our clients are informed at the outset of every project.

There are many firms who can create beautiful, functional spaces. There are few that do so while keeping their promises and remaining transparent.

Our Story

Domeo is a derivative of the Greek word “Okiodomeo,” which means to build up, edify, or strengthen.

Joel & Christi Bolz founded Domeo in 2014 with the literal intent of the definition in mind. From the structures we build to the way we work with clients, team members, and subcontractors, our responsibility is to build up, edify, and strengthen. This foundation has created a healthy culture internally that translates out to the excellent service our clients experience.

Joel has an extensive background in commercial construction and general contract work and sought to address the traditional shortcomings of the industry. Christi has an unwavering passion for serving her community and operates a non-profit organization in Fort Worth in addition to her role at Domeo.

Looking For A Construction Partner You Can Trust?

We Can’t Wait To Build Something Together.