Joel Bolz

Joel’s experience in construction began in the commercial real estate industry where he learned tenant relations, coordination and the desires of both tenant and landlord. This experience led to the formation of Domeo Construction where both tenant and landlord expectations can be exceeded to create an efficient completion of any project.  Joel’s education background includes a drafting/design degree from Amarillo College and also studied construction engineering at the University of North Texas.

Joel loves being able to help others in the creation of their dreams.  Opening their first shop, moving in to a new office or just expanding their business because of growth.  
He feels one of his greatest accomplishments has been putting a great team together – one that can help mitigate anxiety and provide smart options that help the project run seamlessly while staying in constant contact with the client. 

Joel’s main passion is his family.  He enjoys being able to work with his wife Christi every day and enjoying time together with their four children.

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